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The write web.

"If you aren't posting, you don't exist," says Rishad Tobaccowala, CEO of Denuo, a new media consultancy. "People say, 'I post, therefore I am.'"

from Wired

The Postnet is a new standard, taking the place of the now-deprecated "Internet."

Created in the early 90's, the Internet established a vast network of interconnected web-pages. The early 2000's brought us the "read/write" web, or Web 2.0, which allowed easier methods of creating on the net.

The Postnet eliminates the need to read on the web, instead emphasizing the more dynamic "write" method. While browsing the Postnet, viewing is not possible.

For details on how to implement The Postnet on your site, email me at inquiries at ilikenicethings dot com.